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Practice Newsletters

Precision Marketing specializes in custom practice newsletters for a variety of medical practitioners. The most common ones we work with are Chiropractors, Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists and Veterinarians, but we can produce a newsletter for almost any medical field. Whatever your practice newsletter needs, chances are Precision Marketing can answer them. Request a Newsletter Starter Kit, send us an email or give us a call at 727-443-5263 to learn more.

Chiropractic/Physical Therapy newsletters:
Chiropractic patients need to be educated about the importance of maintenance care for their overall health and well-being. A regular practice newsletter drives this point home to patients. It also provides a means to illustrate the many body problems chiropractic care can address.
Many chiropractic offices have successful programs in place to bring in new patients. Where they usually need help is in keeping those patients. A newsletter is the perfect tool to achieve a growing, loyal practice.

Here is an example of a chiropractic newsletter.

Dental newsletters:
Most of the dentists we work with say getting patients in for recall appointments is one of their biggest challenges. A newsletter is a great way to remind patients about the vital importance of these appointments. It also provides the best forum for educating your patients about the many advancements in dental technology.
Whether it’s about the latest in cosmetic dentistry or kinetic cavity preparation, your newsletter lets patients know you’re providing them with the best in dental care. It also encourages them to get the smile they've always wanted.

Here is an example of a dental newsletter.

Optometric newsletters:
Changes in vision can be very subtle, free of painful symptoms, and go completely unnoticed. That’s one reason why a patient newsletter is so important to an optometric practice. Your newsletter can show patients why they and their children need regular comprehensive exams to protect their vision.
Newsletters also provide a good means to discuss a variety of vision and eye-related conditions as well as such subjects as caring for your glasses and contacts. Speaking of eyewear, many of our clients receive co-op advertising dollars to offset their newsletter cost by featuring the manufacturer in an issue.

Here is an example of an optometric newsletter.

Podiatric newsletters:
Podiatrists need to keep their patients informed of the importance of foot and ankle care, especially for diabetic patients and their unique podiatric needs. A newsletter is the perfect solution. It provides a way to tell your patients about new procedures and/or equipment available for their care.
All practices can benefit from success stories in their newsletters, and podiatric offices are no exception. Let a satisfied patient tell others that foot surgery doesn’t have to mean weeks of inconvenience or pain. That treatment for ingrown toenails can be a simple process. It’s printed “word of mouth” advertising and very effective.

Here is an example of a podiatric newsletter.

Veterinary newsletters:
For veterinarians, one of their biggest challenges is getting clients to bring their pets in for comprehensive preventative care, not just going to a “shot clinic.” Pets can’t tell their owners when they don’t feel good. Annual exams are a must to keep them healthy and happy.
Besides checkups, newsletters promote the importance of dental cleanings, disease prevention, and flea control; just to name a few important topics. Another one we often cover is spaying and neutering pets, including how it benefits the pet as well as helping to curb the serious overpopulation problem.
Whether your practice cares for companion animals, large animals, exotics, or a combination of types, a regular newsletter is an invaluable tool for your practice’s health.

Here is an example of a veterinary newsletter.

Topic sheets by specialty:
Click on the links below for a PDF you can print out and use to select your topic choices:

Too busy?

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We understand how busy it is running a medical practice. That's why we make producing your patient newsletter simple and painless. Choose from our extensive library of articles or submit your own. We'll even custom write articles for you.

Still too much? Chose our complimentary Newsletter Express service and we'll review your last few issues, select appropriate articles, put together a proof, and send it to you for approval. You can still make any necessary changes. Newsletter Express just gets the ball roling for you!


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